The United Agricultural Benefit Trust is the recognized leader in providing health care for agribusiness. We have earned a reputation for successful innovations.

Since the creation of the non-profit United Agricultural Benefit Trust (UABT) health care plan in 1983, approximately 700,000 individuals have received the benefits associated with this association-sponsored plan.

To date, UABT has paid over $380,000,000 in health, dental, vision and life claims to participants.

UABT has saved employers millions of dollars in premium costs since the Trust's inception. These savings, coupled with UABT's emphasis on customer service, the ability to see any doctor, anytime, and quality health care have made this plan the premier medical coverage available in agribusiness today.

The UABT Advantage

  • Nationwide PPO Provider Network
  • Comprehensive Prescription Drug Program
  • Live Customer Service
  • Managed by agribusiness employers, who are also participants
Affordability & Service

  • Healthcare buying "co-op"
  • Bilingual customer service
  • Average claims turn-around of 14 days or less
  • Over 50 plans to fit your needs & budgets
  • National and International healthcare providers